FAQ 常見問題

Delivery Schedule 送貨時間
  1. Orders will be scheduled to be shipped on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. (But, DB & Tung Chung area on every Friday only.) 訂單定於每個星期二、星期四、星期六 送貨. (不過,愉景灣, 東涌地區 – 地區只限星期五派送.)

  2. The order cutoff time
    for delivery is 9:00 am one day before the delivery date. For example, if you order at 10am on a Tuesday, it will be shipped on Thursday, not Tuesday..
    交貨訂單的截止日期為交貨前一天的上午 9:00。 例如,如果您在星期二上午 10 點下訂單,則將在下一個交貨日(星期四,而不是星期二)發貨。因此,東涌 DB 的截止日期是每週四上午 9 點
  3. Our delivery services cover Hong Kong island, Kowloon and New Territories, Discovery Bay, and Ma Wan.
    except the following area:
    • Hospital
    • Building without Elevator
    • Remote areas (Airports, Tai O, etc)
    • Area which our truck is not easy or not able to reach
    • Other islands except Hong Kong Island, Tsing Yi, Lantau
    • Villages
    • Shenzhen border areas, inside Fanling and SaiKung


  • 醫院
  • 沒有升降機的建築物
  • 偏遠地區(譬如機場,大澳等)
  • 我們的送貨車不容易到達或無法到達的區域
  • 除香港島,青衣,大嶼山外的其他島嶼
  • 村屋
  • 西貢, 粉嶺內的深圳邊境地區
Shipment Fee 運費
  1. Fixed shipping fee of $60 will be charged for order under $500
    如果購物總額低於 $500,我們將收取固定運費 $60
  2. Shipment is FREE for the order over $500
    如果購物總額是 $500或以上,運費全免
Bad Weather 惡劣天氣安排
  1. Delivery services will be suspended when tropical cyclone warning signal no. 8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning signal is hoisted. We will notify customers the changes of shipment schedule via email or SMS service later.

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